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About Victoria Skyy

About Victoria Skyy




Tampa Native and current New York resident Victoria Skyy, the designer behind Victoria Skyy, and entrepreneur of The Victoria Skyy Collection, I began making myself a household image for the pop culture and fashion world as a promoter, model, and host in Tampa, Florida.  Working with local artists and producer.

I release my first line in 2014, the Victoria Skyy Collection came about not only from my love for fashion, but for my drive to inspire others. My inspirations are my children. Being a mother I was inspired to become a entrepreneur so that I would be able to stay at home to care for my children while building my dream of designer wear. 

Working within the community and supporting others has always been a common theme for me. I have been able to take my personal challenges, overcoming being a foster care youth, single parent, etc. and my accomplishments and use them as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others. Now I am following my dreams and using my line to help inspire others.

My favorite part of having my own shoe line is that I am able to see my creative come to life. I am also able to spend more time with my children. My favorite part is being able to inspire others, especially my children to also follow their dreams.


 Written by Sean Woods

I hope you enjoy!